Portraits of Sfaxians

The second city after the capital Tunis, Sfax is the commercial hub of Tunisia, and is recognized for its port and its industrial activities.

I found out that the majority of Sfaxians no longer live in the Medina. They prefer to live in the outskirts or else settle in Tunis.

Hence, upon my return to Sfax, I wanted to direct my camera lens onto the people who chose to stay in the Medina whether to work or to live. Despite all the difficult changes brought upon the Medina, its inhabitants love their city and ty to preserve their traditions and their art-of-living. Known for its business and trade, Sfax is home to the first commercial port of Tunisia.

I used here the black and white photography to immortalize moments from the Medina to the colonial city; from the railway to the industrial area reaching the fishing port…capturing a welder behind his helmet, a hairdresser in his apron, a jeweller behind his magnifier lens, a grandmother behind her computer. All the four elements mark the different impressions with the notion of time but yet all affirm one culture.

The matter of Identity remains always at the heart of my art and my personal work.