The African Development Bank initiated in July 2012 a Partnership called Souk At-tanmia in order to respond concretely to the key concerns and expectations of young Tunisians and to tackle the issues of unemployment and regional disparities that are prevailing in the country. The initiative is, to date, the largest known mobilization of partners in the country to support entrepreneurship, gathering about 20 entities, including donors, public and private sector entities as well as Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and academic institutions. The Partnership intends to fight unemployment in Tunisia by fostering the emergence of a new generation of aspiring young entrepreneurs having no access to the necessary funding and support to start their businesses.
Description and approach

Souk At-tanmia aims to create new opportunities for underserved entrepreneurs by helping them start or grow their own businesses. The initiative is structured as a Partnership that leverages on the comparative advantages and network of different public and private national and international entities. This allows it to deliver a strong and comprehensive support and to maximize the impact and visibility of its interventions. As a result of this integrated and collaborative approach and the diversity of Souk partners, Souk At-tanmia is able to provide integrated comprehensive support encompassing both funding (through grants) and non-financial assistance (through coaching, mentoring, access to the market and capacity-building services).